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Start things off right with this introduction to Skydiving. Take in the views from 10,000 feet with an experienced instructor, as a passenger on a parachute built for two. 

A tandem skydive is a fabulous experience where you go for a skydive with an instructor.  That way you get to do a half-minute freefall from 10,000 feet followed by a fun parachute flight and landing; you are doing a skydive like you are an experienced skydiver because you are with one.

We do a briefing with you to tell you all about what we will do together, then we go do it.  Plan to spend a couple of hours with us on your day.

A tandem skydive is a fabulous way to celebrate a special life event, birthday, graduation, wedding or anniversary, company or group team building event.

Watch members of group Hillsburn perform “Get High” at Atlantic School of Skydiving!

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